Game changing: New machinery

Thanks to drchrisms for publishing the original news and sharing it with us through our community discord!

  • The devs have added new machinery to the game which change the gameplay aspect to some degree. Looting still is essential on harder difficulties, however maintaining your base and reloading your traps has become easier with this new update since you can produce Logs, Tree Branches and more within your base. You now are also able to gather resources like Ore or Stone without leaving your base by building the mining / quarrying machine.
  • It takes about 3 hours for the Quarrying Machine, Mining Machine and the Oil Machine to finish their production cycle. So they all take the same amount of time to produce the corresponding material. We are talking of ingame time ofc.
  • You can see if a machine is still working as long as the animation is running. Once the animation stops, you have to maintain/reload the machinery.

Maintenance Kit
■ To make the machines function properly you need a Maintenance Kit. The production of a Maintenance Kit costs 1x Rubber ring, 10x Research material, 5x Cloth and 4x Piece of iron. They can be produced at the Crafting Table.

Bush Plantation
■ After 7 hours of ingame time the Bush plantation produced Vines, Tree Branchees, Herb and Leaves. Reloading the Bush Plantation takes 1x Seed and 1x Manure.

Tree Plantation
■ This also takes 7 hours to finish a cycle and gives you Logs, Fruit (Apple, Pear), Leaves and Tree Branches. Reloading the Tree Plantation takes 1x Seed and 1x Manure.

Oil Machine
■ Yields Oil for you. No more need to gather all your supplies by looting around. To reload the Oil Machine you need Maintenance Kits and Logs.

Mining Machine
■ The output of the Mining Machine is random. It yields Copper ore & Iron ore as well as Pieces of Iron. To reload the Mining Machine you need 2x Maintenance Kits plus 2x Fuel.

Quarrying Machine
■ This machine gathers resources like Boulder, Stone, Small Stones and Limestone for you. Reloaing takes 1x Maintenance Kit plus 1x Gas.