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Differences between difficulty settings

Different difficulty settings explained
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There are some differences between the difficulty levels in Night of the Dead. They are named quite accurate. Peaceful really offers you a peaceful playthrough. The zombie spawn rate is very low and they don’t do much harm at all. You can easily finish the game on this difficulty setting even if you are one armed and mentally retarded.

Easy is for very unskilled casual gamers. The zombies might tank some more hits but since the spawn rate is low and the damage dealt to player as well this difficulty setting isn’t quite challenging for people with some experience in games.

Normal difficulty settings resembles the Easy Difficulty Setting from most of the games out there. It isn’t hard to play through the game on normal difficulty. This is the first difficulty setting that brings some fun to the game because of the increasing numbers of zombies that spawn inside or at an point of interes (houses and buildings with good loot). Waves are starting to get challenging a bit around wave 20. The first few nights are very easy to survive.

Hard is something like the regular normal difficulty in other games. Zombies might kill you if you don’t watch your health and condition bar. They do slightly more damage but their health points are much higher than in the previously mentioned difficulty settings. The spawn rate of up 8 zombies in a little house makes clearing a bit more challenging and the waves beyong night 20 are gooing to test your building skills some more. The first nights aren’t that much of a hassle for most of the experiences gamers.

The biggest difference between Hard and Survival difficulty is the increasing amount of damage the zeds inflict to you and your traps by hitting, charging, biting, stomping or exploding. On Survival the zombies do some serios damage and you have to build more wisely. No time for mistakes. Clearing buildings and killing larger groups of zombies gets quite challenging at some points.

The Challenge difficulty adds up to the challenge only a bit. Since the amount of damage the zombies deal on this difficulty setting isn’t noticeably much higher than on the survival setting but they do have slightly more hp. Groups are getting more and more dangerous.

On Legend difficulty the zombie spawn rate is the highest of course. Compared to the easy setting zombies do have a roughly 6.5x more hp and deal even way more damage. Surviving the first nights may be a challenge for a lot of players.

Difficulty LevelHits a Zombie survicesZombie HPSpawn RateSpawn Rate of special zombiesDamage dealt to PlayerStagger Resistance
Peaceful2-314-21(1)Once in a whileVery LowVery High
Easy4-628-42(2-3)Every now and thenLowHigh
Normal6-1042-70(3-6)Not that muchLowNormal
Hard1498(3-8)Gets inconsistent NormalNormal
Survival16102(S-10)Very inconsistentHighLow
Challenge18116(6-11)Very inconsistentHighNone
Legend20130High (11 +)Very inconsistentVery HighNone
Thanks to FinallyRage from Reddit for finding this out for the community. Did you know, you can share info with us through discord or this forum
Door Wall5007509500
Window Wall5007509500
Protective Wall100020002500
Thanks to Leeeee from the discord for dooing the math here – You could also share stuff with us through our community discord!