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If you want to save money by buying Night of the Dead you came to the right place. On this page we compare different sellers that provide legal Night of the Dead copies and keys for you to redeem.

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There are several providers offering cheap steam keys for Night of the Dead. The most well known’s are:

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The discounts have been available when we last checked the offer. Current prices may be lower or higher. Check the linked websites above to get the current price of the day for Night of the Dead. All of the above providers have low prices in general, always lower than the current steam price.

Where can I buy a 4-pack of Night of the Dead?

At Kinguin and HRK you can actually buy a 4 pack version of Night of the Dead. By buying 4 copies you get 4 keys to redeem on steam or send over to your friends as a gift / key redeem option. This way you save a massive amount of money compared to buying 4 single copies @ steam.

Where to buy a hard cover / Retail Version of Night of the Dead

night of the dead box shotUnfortunately there is no retail version available at the moment. It’s up to JackTO Studios to decide if there ever will be a full retail box version available. We will keep you informed if there are news leading to a hard cover release.

  • Once there will be a boxed edition, we will let you know!

Buy Night of the Dead on Steam

  • Steam – Buy Night of the dead at regular price (Or wait for Steam Sales)
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