New Features (January Update)

Introduction of the new dodge system

Players are now able to dodge attacks. The player will not take any damage when dodging an attack but it will consume parts of your stamina. Be prepared for managing your stamina and condition bars when running, dodging and slashing zombies on your way. Don’t get too exhausted or you might experience how bad the zombies really smell out of their rotten mouth’s.

Introduction of the new guard system

The newly added shields can be used to block attacks. The standard key binding is used on your secondary mouse button. Using the shield consumes stamina as well as the newly introduced guard points. These guard points are displayed on the guard point meter and cap your amount of available blocking actions.

New Workbench: Machine table

The new machine table will enable you to craft more and more upcoming mechanical equipment. Be prepared to upgrade your crafting skills to a whole new level.

New Tools and Weapons

The Power saw will enable you to cut down trees faster and of course cut down zombies as well. The Chainsaw in Night of the dead is mandatory for a zombie game and we are really happy to see this new weapon introduced in the january update! But there are even more new weapons. The Rocket launcher will add a lot of fun to the gameplay. However, rockets are kind of rare and will be expensive to craft. The Brass Knuckle will take fist fights to a new level while the basic Polearm brings some more stoneage flair to the game. The medieval Javelin looks and feels fantastic ingame.

New Resource By cutting trees and different ingame actions you now can gather Resin. This new ressource enables the player to make Rubber / pieces of rubber.

Balancing update

  • Decreased crafting cost of Throwing Axe
  • Crafting production increasement for Molotov Cocktail
  • Crafting production increasement for Throwing Knife
  • Knife damage has been decreased from 30 to 15
  • Stamina regeneration has been increased
  • Jump stamina pool got increased
  • Charaver movement speed has been decreased
  • From now on using most of the equipment will consume stamina except guns, chainsaw and rpg
  • Research materials increased/decreased in several occasions

HUD Improvements and UI Update

  • New marks for quickslot and equipped items
  • Crosshair will be invisible at most but will be shown in certain situations
  • Toggle option for camera shake has been added

More changes and adressed bugs

  • New ambient sounds
  • Camera viewport changed (Access old version by hitting ‘P on key)
  • Chaging equipment will slow down the player slightly
  • Attack won’t be able to inflict damage through walls anymore
  • Most of the doors in school and hospital are now accessible
  • Textures in the hospital have been replaced
  • Jail zombie bug has been adressed
  • Character spinning bug has been fixed
  • Use key bug has been fixed