Night of the Dead Roadmap

The devs have made it clear. Finally the roadmap for Night of the Dead has arrived. Now all fans are able to view what is coming next in Night of the Dead. The roadmap gives a sneak peek of what is coming up next. Have a look at the milestones Night of the Dead will reach in 2021 and 2022.

2023: Night of the Dead Roadmap

Original Message from steam:

night of the dead roadmap 2023
Original message taken from steam’s developer news page:

“Hello, this is Jaktostudios.

First of all, I would like to say thank you to all the users who enjoy our game.

We would like to share the roadmap for the contents to be updated in the future.

– ‘Vehicle Polishing’ mainly refers to the contents related to the physical simulation of vehicles.

– ‘Unique Zombie’ is a new zombie that players encounter only during the story progression.

The order in which content is updated may change depending on the development schedule.

We will do our best to provide an update that players can be satisfied with.

Thank you for your patience! Stay tuned!

We’re always monitoring any feedback you sent, so if you have any feedback about the game, please let us know.

2021: Night of the Dead Roadmap (First quarter)


  • The combat system will get improved.
  • Evade system to evade attacks will be made public
  • Shield and Block functionality will be available soon
  • More weapons to be added to the core game

2021: Night of the Dead Roadmap (Second quarter)


  • Bugfixes and minor patches
  • Steam Achievements will be made public

2021: Night of the Dead Roadmap (Third quarter)


  • A large patch is planned for the month of june.
  • FPS Upgrade – First Person View in Night of the Dead
  • The translations will be improved. New languages about to arrive.
  • Electrical Grid System is coming. Oh Lord, we are looking forward to this addition. Automated systems, machines, generators. Hell Yeah!
  • More Buildings are about to arrive pluse the option to upgrade current available buildings and traps even more.
  • New Building module for customization of structures and buildings
  • Electric Traps – Oh boy! I can smell the scent of burned zombies that came to close to my tesla towers 😀
  • More Zombies, more zombie variations. Wish it was june already!

Roadmap beyond the third quarter of 2021?

What are we expected to see in the end of 2021 or the upcoming Year. After the Roadmap has been revealed – There is much more content coming our ways. The game will get key content upgrades that make it worthwhile to stay alive at days even if your base is so secure, you don’t have to worry about anything. With the upcoming features the Night of the Dead roadmap for 2022 reveals, there will be plenty of fun activity on the island from Night of the Dead.


This is what the Night of the Dead devs have planned to release in 2022

  • You will become able to fish and craft fishing rods, gather lures
  • Armor system is coming our ways. Craft and Use Armor & Platings
  • Vehicles will become a major fun part. Blast your way through the hordes of the island. Can you iImagine running over the zombie horde at night with your pickup truck?
  • More Guns and detailed Gunsystem
  • Boss Zombies with extraordinary power and size

We here at are truly looking forward to the upcoming releases of Night of the Dead. This game already is our game of dreams and it will get better and better over the next years. Stay tuned for updates of the roadmap.

We will update the road map as soon as new information will be made available by the devs from Night of the Dead. These guys are still very busy since the early access release in 2020. Since we had no Night of the dead road map from the early beginning, we are truly thankful for the release of the official roadmap.