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Feature Requests

Feature Requests for Night of the Dead
Add your own requests to the poll in the feature requests channel on Discord

Tell us what kind of features you are missing in Night of the Dead. In this community poll we are trying to find out which features the dev’s of Night of the Dead should implement. You can even suggest your own feature request for Night of the Dead.

Most requested features?

The community barometer gives you the chance to suggest your own ideas to the dev’s of Night of the Dead. To add an idea of yours, just suggest it down below. We are eager to hear your opinion

20 thoughts on “Feature Requests”

  1. Hi There

    Something that would be nice in Multi-player would be if each survivor/character has a unique trait assigned to him that other players don’t have, for instance
    Ranger that can shoot multiple bolts, access to a grappling hook to allow team to climb up buildings for other ways of looting cities
    Assassin which can carry dual Katanas or knives or any small type weapons and also less stamina depletion
    Cook which can prepare better quality food (HPandCondition) and no need for seeds to setup traps
    Builder/Worker that can farm up double natural recourses, and instant destroy built items
    Assault, has access to craft a shield to block and knock back hordes when in towns has access to create c4 bombs for raiding houses

    These traits should not be character locked, but rather a RNG type of rolling/random selection when you start the game you will receive the notification that you have been given the following exclusive trait to take on the wild

    Hope you find this interesting and helpful towards creating something really unique and fun with friends

  2. In the map there are some kinds of strongholds, big areas with walls around them. i like setting up there but since grass and stuff roams free, you can’t always put traps where you want them to. i would love to see the ability to remove stuff. dig away the dirt to make it look nicer, destroy a car or since we think more realistic, roll them. literally just go to the car and release handbreak and then you can roll them to make your place even better. i would love to be able to make things look pretty

  3. What Underachiever said.


    Some sort of xp gain or something from killing zombies. A separate set of perks to work toward, even if they’re small, would be awesome and make killing zombies that much better. I know they drop research paper, and that’s cool and all, but still.

  4. Ladders, please! Something to allow us to get to higher ground that the zombies can’t follow us up. Imagine the possibilities! Eee!

    Also, I’d love to be able to remove the debris as well.

    Oh, and… this is kind of a semi bug report/request: Please increase the drop rate rate for seeds. It’s so low right now, it’s a struggle to get them even when you’re running a decent farm/trap operation. I still end up having to go out smashing foliage for them, and the drop rate is… well, I got bored once and counted sixteen trees and bushes for every one seed I got. 🙁

  5. I love the crafting system in this game, it’s so clever. I love that you can make stuff then break it back down into its base components without losing anything. That’s so fab. But, I think you could make it even more clever if you added a few tweaks.

    1. As Craig said above, it makes no sense that Pieces of Iron aren’t part of the Iron smelting tree at the moment. How about if we could smelt 2-4 Pieces of Iron into an Iron Ingot? And visa versa. I favour the crossbow, and there have been a few times where I’ve had tons of Iron Ore, Ingots, etc, but ran out of Pieces and couldn’t make any bolts. So what if we could break down one Iron Ingot into 2-4 Pieces of Iron?

    2. Meeeeat. I love the fact that meat has so many uses, but it’s a pain that you need to get Small Meat to make Manure to refill your Farms to get Seeds to reset your traps to get more Small Meat. You’re kind of like stuck in this vicious circle where you can’t get ahead at all. But, what if you could take all those Large Meats and regular Meats and cut them down into smaller pieces of meat? So, say, break down one Meat into 2x Small Meat? Or 1x Large Meat = 2x Meat = 4x Small Meat. That would take a lot of the repetitiveness out of farming.

    3. I would love if you could break down ammunition into its base components. I am a crossbow addict, and I have tons of rifle ammo sitting around that I never use. I could use the heck outta that copper, though!

    Also, partial builds would be amazing. Before I discovered Night of the Dead I was playing a lot of Mist Survival, which is another in development game. NotD is better in just about every way, but one thing I love about Mist Survival is that you can lay down a pattern even if you don’t have all the ingredients on hand, craft the parts you have, then come back and finish it off later. It’s great for planning extensive builds.

  6. A Creative mode to practice builds in.

    This would 100% save effort and energy and I think lead to a more creative game play experience in the community.

  7. 1. Complex Weapon Breakdown – I don’t mind not being able to make rifles and things on our benches, I would love to be able to break extra rifles down into usable materials. Our server has basically had a trash pile corner for extra weapons found in “Find boxes” during loot/expedition runs.

    2. Consoles Usage – The Consoles look great and all, but without the ability to upgrade or hold larger stacks per slot, they feel somewhat pointless other than for aesthetics.

    3. Automation – It would be nice if we could create some sort of Input Queue and
    Output Queue for heavy machinery and or zombie traps. Possible Console purpose?

    4. Console bench attachment – I could see raw materials being stored in consoles so that players don’t have to have it in their storage, working through attaching the console to the bench itself, would add to the “Workbench Workroom” appearance.

  8. First of all I would like to tell that my english is not good but i will provide as much as information to you since i really like the idea and the concept of this game.

    1.Night of the dead should have auto arrange button
    -Auto arrange button is a simple but effectively increase quality of life if by any chance you plan to make the game PVP viable since it allow player to fast adjust the item in the game.

    2.Wood,Stone,Iron scaling
    Right now wood and stone didn’t have the different in hit point only that stone is fireproof.
    While the base is the place where player use to protect themselves from zombie and other player.
    A single scratch from dagger is enough to do 2-3% dmg to wood. A group of people could completely destroy single player experience of this game.

    P.S. You could make zombie and player have different scaling

    3.User interface
    U could separate inventory,crafting,Equipment and make the picture bigger.
    Currently the picture of item is so small that it hard to tell which one is limestone ,Boulder

    Yeah climbing

  9. Multi-player really needs These added into the roadmap:
    Individual loot, “Take All/Take” only on your own items such as arrows, and Quest progression. Unlocking Research only working for one person until research notes can be sorted out in multi-player is another feature I’d add to the list.

  10. Oh! In multi-player I’ve been seeing mobs or animals falling through the ground.
    (The animals launching into the air glitch is actually amusing until it falls through a cliff)

  11. Want more weapon as freeze gun laser gun rail gun electric gun and rambo explode bow arrow steampunk fire blade. Rocket Turret must manual fire. its bad auto aim. Med stim pack boost speed run like notd warcraft3 need lab bio can produce summon zombi vs zombi. can call radio as pilot air strike. Long time cut tree and all farm with extra drop reduce lag from enviroment render. Reduce lag wave idea by create 1 zombie boss eat all zombie increase max hp reduce numb lag.become 1 strong with knock back medium 10 sec per atk dmg multiple target range 5 sec per atk + 1hit building gone(eat 100 zombie)atspd 1 min per atk. Or create 1zombie queen(skill eater too)after die instant spawn 5 zombie. Some boss need rage increase 200%atkspd and run for 3 sec.node zombie call weak zombie 20 numb enter inside and wait time growing reborn with new big one. Please fix unsave start point from bed in multiple why always run from start point every log in. Or build item home map after used go bed home instant (consume item craft).

  12. plese add setting that we can difficulty change when easy to the hard or somthink like this will be cool tha we no need evry time new game start what after time litle anoying

  13. – A slight zoom increase or keybind to increase/decrease zoom while aiming with some weapons.
    – Ability to ‘hip-fire’ weapons without ADS

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