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Night of the Dead Discord Channel

Night of the Dead Discord

Visit the Night of the Dead Discord Channel and talk with other survivors on the discord servers. By joining the discord you are able to receive news notifications, ask or answer questions and help other people to get along in the great game Night of the Dead.

Discord is highly frequented by gamers and used to keep track of friends and communicate with them while playing videogames. However since the Discord software abilities have grown over the years to an extend where entire communities are held within Discord the service got more and more popular.

We here from use our Discord aswell to communicate within the team of contributors, staff members and moderators. Our Night of the Dead Discord is mainly used to talk about tasks and community work that has to be done.

Official Discord Channel
The official Discord Channel is located here:

There is no restriction to gaming. You could open up your own discord or even create another Night of the Dead discord channel if you want to. You can do so free of charge as well.

To make use of the discord service you have to be at a legal age of 13 or above. So there is an age restriction.

To create another Night of the Dead Discord Server yourself follow these simple steps

  • Open Discord and register a new account or log into your existing one. Once logged in you are able to create a Discord on your own. To do so just click the plus symbol in the upper left corner.
  • Click on create server: Now enter the server name you like to register. By clicking on the you are able to choose a server logo. To finish the process and confirm your entries, click on create server.
  • Click on the plus symbol under the corresponding item. If you want to add new group members, select you have to click the invite member button.
  • A new windo will open which enables you to share an invite link with other users. You can edit the time and/or how many people could be invited through that unique link by editing the link properties of your Discord invite link.