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Multiplayer Fix – Multiplayer not working

Connect to friends game & Dedicated Server connectivity Issues
Send in new tips and hints on how to fix multiplayer related problems or ask a related question through the Discord channel

There are some settings that you have to set before you are able to play with your friends. So if you can’t connect to your friends game, have problems hosting games or the server browser doesn’t work – This here is the right page to read and learn how to fix multiplayer problems.

I can’t find my friend’s game – Multiplayer Fix

  • If you encounter multiplayer issues and can’t find the hosting session you are looking for through the server browser this is mostly related to different steam download locations. In order to find the game of another player you have to have the same download region set in the steam settings. To change your download location go to Steam -> Steam settings -> Downloads -> Region.
  • Set the same region. Press Ok. Now restart steam for the change to take effect. You now should be able to find the game session you are looking for through the game’s own server browser. It’s very unusual to have a games multiplayer connectivity bound to the Steam download region. However, Night of the Dead in its current state relies on Steam’s download region. Period.

Alternative Method

  • Try to use the connect through ip feature. It’s named IP CONNECT and it is found within the Multiplayer / Join a session screen. You have to enter the correct IP of the host. Remember, the ip that has to be set here is the external ip of the host machine. The one that lets the computer communicate with the internet. This ip is different than your computers internal ip which is given to it by the router / modem whatever.
  • If the host needs to find out his own IP he could just visit some site like: to learn about his external ip

Friend invitation not working

In the alpha version the Friend invite function isn’t working properly at the moment. However, connecting to Multiplayer and Coop Games works fine even in the alpha stage of this game. You just have to set your steam download region to match with the settings of your friends or use the CONNECT IP feature (like mentioned above).

Dedicated Servers in Night of the Dead

Yes there will be dedicated servers coming to Night of the Dead soon. This will open up a lot of new possibilities, hopefully even full mod support. We are looking forward to the dedicated server feature.

From the developers:

We are working on multiplayer as a top priority.
We are currently in the process of applying the dedicated server to the game.
In about two weeks, we will conduct a beta-branch test of the dedicated server.
And after a test period of one to two weeks, we will officially apply it.
If the Dedicated Server works reliably, we will continue to add new content by proceeding with 1.1.0 patches.

Here you can check out and read the entire news post from the devs: