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Night of the Dead F.A.Q.

Night of the Dead F.A.Q.
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Do natural resources like trees regrow?

  • There actually is no kind of reforestation in the game. The devs might add some natural regrowth with the later updates. In the current state however

Where is my char gone? How to retrieve lost multiplayer char and gear

  • In Multiplayer sessions your char is bound to your steam name. When you change your steam name and connect to a multiplayer game youv’e been into with another nickname all your gear and character progress is lost. To get it back, just take the old steam nickname and rejoin the server!

What is the name of the main character?

  • The heroine’s name is Lucy


6 thoughts on “Night of the Dead F.A.Q.”

  1. Rented a dedicated server, andwhen you login the first time you get a random character assigned. Is there a way to force the char assignment? I am the server admin, so was thinking there is something I can edit maybe. It’s kind of important as I have a friend that just doesn’t want to play as the char assigned. I also don’t want the one I have. You can choose on non-ded servers at the beginning….

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