Felling Axe

Night of the Dead Wiki - Felling axe

The Felling axe is one of the tools you use very frequently in Night of the dead. While it is able to inflict serious damage on zombies it’s main purpose is not to be used as a weapon. The Felling axe is your best buddy when it comes down to take down trees or chop bushes. It’s main use is to gather Logs, Tree branches, Vines as well as fruits and seeds. However, to chop down bushes the baseball bat or knife is the faster way to go.You can maximize your efficiency by leveling the your Forst worker and Logging Expert Perks on the Skilltree.


craftable yes
ingredients 1x Tree branch + 1x Piece of iron + 1 Vines + 1x Small stones
where to craft Handcrafting
category Basic Tools