Material Production Table

Night of the Dead Wiki - Material Production Table

Material production table (Material bench) is used to craft a lot of stuff needed for base building. Like Wooden plank, Trimmed Logs, Iron ingot, Cement and much more. It is one of the first benches you should build in order to start building your base, maze or trap corridor. It has two upgrade level which open up the bench for more advanced products.


craftable yes
ingredients 10x Tree branch + 5x Small stones + 5x Piece of iron + 2x Log
where to craft Build Menu (b key)
category Crafting Benches

List of products that can be produced on the Material production table:

Upgrade Level I

  • Tree branch – From 2x Vine
  • Wooden plank – From 1x Log
  • Trimmed logs – From 1x Log
  • Lumber – From 1x Log

Upgrade Level II

  • Cement – From 1x Limestone
  • Trimmed Stone – From 1x Tree branch + 1x Boulder
  • Brick – From 1x Tree branch + 1x Stone

Upgrade Level III

  • Copper ingot – From 1x Copper ore + 1x Tree branch
  • Copper wire – From 1x Copper ingot
  • Iron ingot – From 1x Iron ore
  • Iron plate – From 1x Iron ingot
  • Iron wire – From 1x Iron ingot
  • Rebar – From 1x Iron ingot
  • Chain – From 1x Iron ingot
  • Wire – From 1x Iron ingot