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How to enable the console in Night of the Dead

Thanks to Akira Fudo for sharing this info with us through discord!

To unlock the developer console in Night of the Dead you might use the Universal Unreal Engine 4 Unlocker which is availabe here:

Use this to unlock the dev console in night of the dead.

After downloading and unpacking the archive you have to start your game first.

  • Start Night of the Dead
  • Load your save game
  • Run UuuClient.exe
  • Navigate to the General Tab
  • Click select the game’s process
  • Choose LF-Win64-Shipping.exe
  • The dll to inject should already be correct (UniversalUE4Unlocker.dll)
If you can’t find the game’s process, check if you are running the game with administrator rights. If you are, you have to re-run UuuClient.exe with admin rights as well!

Test if the console shows up

You should be ready to go back ingame.

  • Open the console by pressing the ^ (Tilde) key (you can change the key within the Unlocker Tool -> Key bindings)

You got it. The console is enabled and you can start messing around using the console.

Available Commands
To make use of the available commands type “EnableCheats 1” into the console without quotes and hit Enter

Now check out the Night of the Dead Commands List and start messing around!