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How to play as a male character in singleplayer

The story line is tailored to fit lucy the female protagonist of Night of the Dead. However, its possible to play through the story line with a male character too. In the current state of the game (as of Alpha you can’t choose a male character by default. But consider yourself lucky, there is a workaround that lets you play as male char in singleplayer.

  • Start a new multiplayer game
  • Choose friends only and set a password
  • Choose male character

That’s it. You are now able to play with the male model just like you would play the game in singleplayer mode. However you are actually hosting a multiplayer session but since no one could join your game without knowing your password that doesn’t make a difference to you.

Bonus: If your friends get their hands on this game and you want to continue your “singleplayer game” with them in cooperative mode you just have to send over your password and you are ready to go.