Is Toluna legit? Review

I’ve been a member of the Toluna Influencers panel for years. If you want to find out whether or not Toluna is legit keep on reading my review. The Toluna panel exists since over 10 years and is often featured in articles regarding the top paid survey sites. But is Toluna really worth your time? Can you really earn money by answering paid surveys on the web? Read about the experiences I made by filling out surveys on the Influencer platform. This is my toluna review.

Is Toluna for real?

Many people are unsure whether or not Toluna can be trusted or not. Since I have served Toluna for years I can truly say that Toluna doesn’t scam people on purpose. If you read the questions carefully and answer truthfully, you won’t get banned and your earned points / earnings usually won’t get revoked.

However if you dare to betray or cheat on them, Toluna will take action. Toluna doesn’t accept cheating or clickbotting in any form. As a research panel Toluna is reliant on true opinions and they take a lot of countermeasures to fight spam / cheating / bot usage.

If you as a survey participant give contrary answers to similar questions you might get banned.

How much can I earn by partaking surveys ?

This depends on the country you live in and the currency used within your country. In $US a casual survey earns you something between 0,5 $ and 3 $. Depending on where you live this is a fair amount of money for answering some questions ans giving insight to your opinions.

However the amount of surveys you might do in a month differs from one person to another. Thats because of the differences in target groups or the target audience surveys are aimed at. It makes a difference if you have any kids or pets, own one or more cars, travel alot etc. Depending on your lifestyle, income situation etc. you are eligible for one survey while you can’t take part in another one.

Because of these dependencies it’s not possible to give a definitive answer. From my experience and the other panelists I know of a common range are 2 to 10 surveys a month. This equals a possible monthly income from 2 to 30 $. Imagine, this is the possible income from Toluna let alone the other survey sites. A lot of panelists are members of a bunch of survey sites. This way the possible income you might earn is much higher than it is from participating in Toluna surveys alone.

From my point of view Toluna is one of the better panels out there.