Paid surveys: How much can I earn with survey sites?

#1 Rule of thumb

From my own experience you can expect something between 3 and 7 $ per hour by working with good survey sites. The income depends and isn’t the same for every person. Your profile, personal interests, occupation, schooling history – these factors influence on how many paid surveys you might take part. Even your family life has an impact. If you are a mother with children you will gain the opportunity to answer family surveys. If you are a doctor you might take part in medical studies and so on.

#2 Be honest

Even while it might sound tempting to fake beeing a multiple home owning doctor, mother of 4 children with lots of pets and a household income over 500.000 dollar to get qualified for more surveys – THIS DOESN’T WORK! Just clicking anywhere to finish one survey after another as fast as possible DOESN’T WORK EITHER!

All the legit survey sites use algorithms and catch questions that will be repeated over and over with a different sounding.
Let me explain you why: The survey portals in most cases are driven or owned by market researchers. They get paid from big companies or even political parties. The goal of the market researcher’s clients is to receive knowledge. They want to take advantage over their competitors. They want to know what features are most wanted within their next product or how their political campaign or even a specific ad will perform.

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Knowledge is power – aight? But only true knowledge is valuable. No one would pay the market research companies if their data was garbage. Their clients need valid data that represents their specific target audience.
This is why the paid survey sites take all kinds of measures to fight fraud. So play the game by the rules and you might get a nice side income from dooing paid surveys.
Giving wrong answers or dooing click fraud will get you banned and you won’t receive any money from the survey portals.
The catch questions are well made and you won’t recognize all of them easily. So you have to be awake and aware of these circumstances to do the surveys.
If you don’t read the questions carefully you won’t enjoy the activity for long. There are a lot of reports from people who havn’t been paid. Guess what – Most of these people just didn’t take their time to read and answer the surveys truthful / properly.


 Check out the best paying survey sites within your country <–

All of the sites linked from within the best paying survey sites article are legit survey sites that offer paid surveys for people living around the world