Are paid surveys a scam?

#1 Yes and no

Iv’e answered an uncountable amount of surveys in my life. So I’m telling you from my own experience. A lot of these websites are scam. The whole paid4 sector has fed a lot of black sheep who wanted to make quick money and then disappear with it. However! There are some reputable survey sites that have been there for years or even decades. And the business model behind paid surveys is legit. The market researchers own or pay online panels (survey sites) to host their surveys and to pay the partakers of the surveys. The market researchers themselves get paid from their clients who wants to get insight on certain topics, products, niches, markets. So everyone is in a win win situation. Everyone involved gets some benefit. This is what a legit business model is all about.

#2 Which survey sites are legit?

This is hard to tell if you have no experience at all. You should listen to experienced users and their recommendations. I can give you an advise on which survey sites are great for international usage. I made a list with reputable survey sites that don’t scam their users. You can check out my selection of legit providers of paid survey here <–
The survey sites featured in the article linked above are legit and driven by serious companies.